Bubbles the Laundry Kitten

One summer afternoon, a man in Tampa found a kitten in his yard. The gentleman had pallets and pallets of pavers on his property, and assumed that maybe a momma kitty had a litter hidden in there from which this kitten escaped. The man and his wife kept the kitten for several days, bottle feeding him and hoping to find his family.  When it became clear that this kitten was in fact an orphan, he turned to Lynne Deal for help. 

Some people may not be aware of this, but if you take any baby animal that is not weaned to a shelter, they put them to sleep. They simply don't have the resources to provide the every few hour feedings that babies require. Knowing this fact, Lynne immediately said that she would take the kitten. 

The minute they walked in the door with Bubbles, we fell in love with him. His little black spots, the heart over his ear, and his bubbly personality drew us right in. After making sure his veterinary needs were cared for, Bubbles returned to the laundromat and promptly began working... He has proven himself time and time again in his diligent efforts to ensure that the customers are happy and that the laundromat is running smoothly. 

Please enjoy this gallery of images of Bubbles learning all of the jobs in the laundry, and working his way up the ranks!! =)

Such kitten cuteness...

Here is a video clip of me trying to keep the floors clean... I will get that spot yet!!! ~Bubbles


Bubbles has been back to work this week! Check out his newest adventures at the laundry! 


Selfies? I like selfies...